Funky, plus size-friendly, slow fashion for everyone.

Funky, plus size-friendly, slow fashion for everyone.

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Pronouns: She/Her

Height:5' 4"

Measurements: 50"/46"/60"

Fave Food: sweet potato enchiladas

Fave Drink: green tea

Fave Color: orange

Fave Band: Pavement

Fave Movie: Heathers

Fave Show:The Office

Where to find Stella: 📷 


A little bit about Stella. 

What do you think is your best feature?

Personality!! I know that seems like a "big girl" cop out trait, but hear me out. I style my hair by my personality (or lack of styling, really), I pick my clothes based on my personality, hell my makeup is 100% Stella realness. Who I am embodies every aspect of me and who I choose to be daily!


What are you most passionate about doing?

Connecting music and mental health. Music was where I found myself at my loneliest points. I want to use this to build up the people in my community so they can be as healthy and fulfilled as possible. 


How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic and ever-changing. Every day is a chance to perform who you want to be that day.


What makes you feel best in your body?

Dressing for me and me alone. Any time I have ever dressed to please a partner, an audience, a boss, anyone else really, I have felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. These days I dress to suit who I am. 


What's one random thing you're really good at?

I am a multi-contest winner for Halloween costumes. From Divine to Danny Devito. Y'all ain't ready for this year!

What's something you want to see more of in fashion?

More acceptance of who you are, instead of chasing who you want to be. As a fashion obsessed teenager, I spent years wishing to be Anna Wintour, tight lipped with over-sized Chanels. That look screamed "try me" and you know what--that's a hot look! She kills it! Chasing this dream nearly made me miss the fashion of Beth Ditto, or OH MY FUGGIN GAWD KAREN O! I guess what I'm saying is at the end of the day, we are all killing it in our own looks! I am Stella, who can tell you what fashion house inspired every single pair of gas station sunglasses, but who can also enjoy a beer-stained t-shirt and a night of karaoke at Santa's Pub. That is the person I want to dress like! I hope if anything, Trash Queen and my involvement in this campaign inspires you to dress exactly like you! I can't wait to see it!