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Pronouns: She/Her

Height:5' 7.5"

Measurements: 50"/40"/48"

Fave Food: philadelphia roll

Fave Drink: coke zero

Fave Color: turquoise

Fave Band: Modest Mouse

Fave Movie: Amélie

Fave Show:My Cat From Hell

Where to find Haley:  🎨 📷 🛍️


A little bit about Haley. 

What are you most passionate about doing?

Genuinely connecting with others. I love hearing stories, which is why I want to be a tattoo artist. I want to make something that people can remember and feel happy about for a long time. 


How would you describe your personal style?

It's like a mix between goth librarian, punky art kid, and forest witch.


What makes you feel best in your body?

Honestly I've never felt sexier than wearing that Demolition Derby Dress, dude


You're a fellow artist, can you tell me a little bit about your discipline and favorite subject matter?

I graduated as a printmaker, and while lack of studio space has put that on hold somewhat, it still gets me fired up! There are so many different ways to make prints and it's this marriage of more traditional work and a more contemporary attitude of using the medium in unexpected ways. Even typing this makes me want to do more research on how I can make prints in my apartment!
My favorite subject matter always comes back to some form of nature, usually the critters we share this space with. I'm fascinated with how fine tuned some animals are to their environments, and the tenacity and ability of others to adapt.


What's something that gets you energized to start making?

Lately it's been tattoo documentaries. I love the history of the art and how there are so many interpretations of classic themes such as death, temptation, resilience, nature. It just amazes me that something that's been around for so long keeps advancing, yet it keeps that tie to our primal desire to mark and change our bodies. To me, tattoos and printmaking have a similar vibe in that way.

What's an attitude you want to see more of in the art world?

I'd like to see a bigger acceptance of digital media as a whole. Traditional media holds historical significance, yes, and it has a very different feel to it. But the idea of writing off these newer ways of creating art is frankly boring. So what if it's accessible and there's is a lot of junk out there? Same with drawing and painting!