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Returns & Shipping Policy



Because a large portion of my enthusiasm for making and selling clothes is helping people of all sizes find things that make them look good and feel awesome, making sure that your order fits you is extremely important to me. I suggest studying both the size chart and the accompanying item description for more information on sizing before buying, and making sure that you are using your current measurements while shopping online to ensure the most accurate results possible. 
If you do happen to order something and it doesn't fit correctly, please message us at and we will work out an exchange, either for a different size in the same product, a new product that you think might fit you better, or for store credit that can be used later.

To start an exchange, email me with your concerns at within 14 days of receiving your order. We cannot accept requests for cash refunds (further explanation on this below), but can accommodate most returns/exchanges if contacted within the aforementioned 14 day window. 
After contacting us, you have another 7 days to pack up the item and ship it back to us--I will give you the appropriate shipping address for your item VIA email, or send a return label that you can place on the return if your order is eligible for a free return. Most domestic (United States based) returns are able to receive a free return label, but international orders will have to pay for return postage to mail an item back to us. I will then ship out your replacement item as soon as it is ready, and will give you updates along the way via email using our order notification system! A warning though--exchanges for items not currently carried in stock may incur another 6-10 week production period, so please plan accordingly.
Please keep in mind that any returns/exchanges must be unworn and in the original condition they were mailed out. Orders are quality checked for any issues before they are mailed out, and returns will be checked again for damage, stains, and signs of wear (more than an initial try on) upon us receiving them. If there are any issues with the product upon receipt, it could mean us denying the return or discounting the value. 


Due to the small size of this business, we unfortunately cannot offer cash refunds at this time. Purchasing from Trash Queen means you are supporting an extremely small business, and the majority of the money from your order goes to the cost of materials--one of my main goals with this business was to make cool stuff and keep it all affordable, but keeping it as cheap as possible comes at this cost. Regardless, feel free to message us about any issues with your order, and we will try to work something out. 


Unfortunately, due to the small size of this business, we cannot accept cancellations made more than 24 hours after initial purchase. Because the majority of our items are made to order the bulk of the cost of our pieces goes to purchasing the supplies used to make your items, which makes a full refund impossible.
Custom orders cannot be canceled under any sort of time frame, as we have already worked together over a period of time to make sure that your order is what you're wanting and the order is specifically tailored to your needs and cannot be restocked for sale like a normal item would be.




Orders are typically shipped via USPS or UPS (depending on weight class) and can take 3-5 business days for domestic shipments and 12-28 days for international shipments. Production time refers to the time before an order is shipped while the order is still being made, so this shipping time refers to the time after a package is moving through a mail carrier's system. Cost for shipping varies from order to order but starts at $4.95 for US orders. Shipping cost can be previewed before checking out by using the tool on our cart page.
Due to COVID-19 many shipping carriers have dropped any sort of guarantee on shipping times--we also cannot guarantee shipping times. Once an order is in the hands of the shipping company we do not have any control over the speed of shipping, the frequency of tracking updates, etc, and if questions are sent our way we will likely suggest for you to contact the shipping carrier directly in your area to get more information since they are likely to know more details than we are. This goes doubly for international orders, both in terms of delays and in terms of what to do--often the tracking number changes in transit when a package enters another country and we often get less visibility as soon as that happens as well, so the best thing to do is always to contact the local post office in your country.
Any shipping time previewed at checkout on our site reflects only the time an item is spent in shipping (these also likely do not take the current pandemic into account) and do not take into account our production time or any time an order waits at the post office/shipping company waiting to be scanned. Please keep this in mind when placing an order--if you need an item by a certain date we encourage you to email us at BEFORE placing your order so we can coordinate our efforts and do our best to make sure the item gets to you in time.



We do what we can on our end to help with missing packages, but once items are shipped they are ultimately out of our hands. We are not responsible for missing packages or stolen packages. You are responsible for double checking your address at checkout to make sure that everything is correct and making sure we're sending everything to an address you're confident that you can safely receive your items at.


If an order is placed with the wrong address, and the item is returned to us, we will be able to ship the order back out again, but you'll be responsible for paying the full cost of shipping as determined by package weight via an invoice.
If the item arrives to the wrong address and is not returned to us, or it is never received for whatever reason, it is still considered "lost" or "missing" in this policy.
If your order is marked "delivered" in our system, or there has been no apparent issue in you receiving your package (via you messaging us or it being returned to sender), and we do not hear from you within 30 days, we will consider the transaction closed. We cannot issue refunds for packages that were marked delivered that are later brought up as being lost months after the fact. You are responsible for reaching out about any issues you have with receiving your package to the USPS and to us in a timely manner, and any delay in doing so puts receiving a resolution from either of us at risk. We do not accept responsibility for any delay in you reaching out to us.
If we reach out to you about reshipping your package after it has been returned to us and do not receive any response from you after 30 days, we consider the transaction closed, and the package refused. Because most of our items are made to order specifically for you and the cost of shipping has already been spent, no refund will be issued.
If you are concerned about the possibility of your package being stolen, we can add a fee for signature confirmation to your order (typically only an extra $2-3) to ensure that the USPS has to drop the item off with you personally, but you must coordinate that with us ahead of time.

For international orders, customers are responsible for paying any import tax/customs charges that might apply on their order. We will not incorrectly mark customs forms to help customers dodge fees, as that's illegal and could get us both into a bunch of trouble! If you refuse your fees and don't pick up the item from your local post office, and the items are returned to us, we will ship them back out given you pay the full cost of shipping as determined by package weight (like what is listed for US customers above) via an invoice.
Please contact us if you want your order to be shipped back out again--all countries have different periods of time that they'll hold items for customs fees to be paid, and then the shipment time back to us on top of how long it might have taken to get to your destination in the first place can be quite a long time, and it is difficult for us to track all of these older shipments, especially if a customer is no longer interested in the item. If we don't hear from you we will consider the order to still be closed on our end.