we're in the business of trying to make you feel good in your own skin.

Trash Queen is not about the super model body, Trash Queen is about all bodies--all genders, all races, all sexualities, all shapes, and all sizes. Whether you're an XS or a 5XL, we want to give you the tools to express yourself. We wanna give you the confidence and attitude to face the world head on, both flawed and flawless simultaneously. Because here at Trash Queen, we know you're royalty, just as you are. And we want to crown you.

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Real reviews from real customers.
"These joggers are legit one of my favourite things to wear. They are super warm and comfortable. They have really good pockets (better than any of the pants I currently own.) They design is simple, but they stand out so I always always feel good in them. Like all my Trash Queen stuff, I always get compliments in these. Please make more jogger designs, I now have to buy them all."
Miranda - about our
black grid joggers
"I got this as a gift for my best friend and it’s SO cute. Exactly the same as the model photos, very nice quality and super cute pastels. Living in the south, this is definitely gonna be a perfect addition to her wardrobe for fall/early winter. Customer service was also 11/10, they got back to me quickly when I contacted them (thanks, Paige!) and were super patient with my worry-wart self. Can’t wait for another paycheck and to order more :)"
Savannah - about our
aesthetix windbreaker
"autistic seal of approval TM! these are so cute!! i wear them all the time -- they make my outfits look On Point -- and theyre super comfortable!! AND THERES POCKETS. REASONABLY SIZED POCKETS!!! the only thing that i can think of is that the seams could be flatter, but since i wear them over shirts it doesn't bother me too much <333 "
Ainsel - about our
star print overall shorts
"This cardigan was everything I was hoping for! Goth but approachable, breezy, flowy, comfortable and cute! I have no heat tolerance and I'm pale af so I have to cover up when the sun is out, so pieces like this are a staple in my wardrobe. This one has become an instant favorite. I was super pleased to discover it has a belt! Hope to get more Trash Queen cardigans soon."
Casey - about our
star print cardigan
"durable and so cute. I've had this windbreaker for like two or three years now and I wear it regularly. It's held up great over time and I get compliments on it so often. It makes any outfit feel really stylish!"
Ori - about our
no thank you windbreaker
"This hat is so nice. I haven't had a beret in my closet before, but after seeing this one it was hard to resist. Well made, very cute, and the colours and decal are exactly as pictured. I am looking forward to adding this to my regular accessories cycle - even if the only place I'm going right now are short trips to the farmers market and grocery store. "
Zeph - about our bee beret

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