COVID-19 is currently causing shipment delays that might affect production times & shipment.


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COVID-19 Update: Keep in mind that during the pandemic we're receiving more email requests and higher work volume than ever before which is causing longer wait times. Because of this, it might take a few days (even up to a week) for us to respond to your message. Please don't worry if this happens, and we'd appreciate it if you can avoid sending a second email to "bump" your request up unless it's been longer than that. We answer emails in order of when they were received, so adding another email to the end of our pile doesn't help to get a response faster, and it can delay other people getting help or cause confusion on our end (as I've seen that a lot of these "bump" emails come in with different information than what was given in an initial request) which could mean waiting even longer before getting a proper response.

If you'd like to get instant information, we also have a COVID-19 related FAQ (which affects all orders made in 2020 and 2021) as well as a general FAQ that answer our most common questions--you should be able to instantly find more information there! If you want a quick update on order status you can also check out our order status lookup page here. We also frequently update our twitter with sitewide information, making it an extremely helpful resource if you want to know the latest info about the business!