Please check this page before sending in an email--if your question isn't answered here, feel free to shoot me an email through my contact page and I will get back to you within 24 hours!


It has been (X) amount of time and I don't have my order! What's happening???

As this shop is run by a single person and I do all different aspects of the business, I need 4-6 weeks for production for each piece. I make each piece to order rather than keeping stock in my clothing items as this allows me to have a large range of sizes and types of items without large overhead costs and keep prices low. It also greatly helps me to cut down on waste, which is a large problem with many clothing businesses. I think that time is a small price to pay in comparison to a large variety of sizes and prints, but please take this time into account before making your order! 
Would you consider making (item) in (color)? Would you be able to put (pattern) on another silhouette? 
The chances are that the answer to this question is probably yes! I do custom orders fairly frequently, especially for patreon patrons who know a lot about my processes and have more information in terms of future silhouettes and items. All you have to do is send me an email through our contact page with the subject line "Custom Order" and I will get right to communicating with you on making your vision happen! I also take general shop suggestions, if there's a print that you'd love to see in plus sizes that I don't have for sale currently definitely mention it and I'll take a look! 


So--say I want a custom order. What's the process?

Basically what will happen is you come to me with an idea, I will inform you on how possible it is and the projected price. Then I will mock up images of the item for you to view to make sure it fits your vision and that we agree on color, pattern placement, etc. After you approve it, I will make you a one-time only custom listing and send you a link to that item, which you can just buy like normal any other item you would get in the store. You can put in your shipping information and all that good stuff through there and then get status updates on your order through that method as well. 

Custom orders also generally don't cost any extra--they should cost as much as the item in a similar silhouette would normally. The only extra cost that might occur is if you are asking for original art to be created for the item in question which could add on an extra fee, or if you are wanting special detailing on your item such as a special colored zipper, embroidery, etc. 

There are a few stipulations to custom orders--one being that they are not eligible for cancellations or refunds of any kind. Once the item is put into production, it is going to need to be finished because there is a high likelihood that I won't be able to resell it--as it was custom made for you! 

I also reserve the right to list any of the custom orders I make in my shop for regular purchase--there have been a few times I have made stuff for people (new colorways, old prints on new items) that I feel have been so successful that I listed them in the shop on their own, and you should know going in that this could happen. I suggest bringing it up with me up front if this concept bothers you so we can discuss it individually. 

What is the accessories boutique? What does that mean?

The majority of the items in my shop are 100% Trash Queen originals--made either by me or specifically for the shop and not sold anywhere else. However, a few of the accessories are resell items--items that I buy in bulk and resell for a small upcharge because I feel like their presence in the shop strengthens the brand's overall aesthetic. These items are often able to be kept in stock as well since they are small, and have a chance of shipping a lot faster than the made to order items since they are small and one-size only. I will never carry anything that is not plus-size friendly in the shop, so the accessories boutique is mostly jewelry, hats, bags--things that absolutely everyone can wear! 

Do you have any promo codes for the shop? 

Currently the only way to get a shop discount is to support me on patreon.

 Are you looking for promoters/fashion bloggers? Are you willing to send out items for review/sponsor me?

Both yes and no. Eventually I am planning to send out items for review to a few select people that I already have in mind--some of my favorite fashion bloggers. I am also a fashion blogger myself, which makes me extremely picky about who I send out product to. I need someone who is at least as hard working as myself and who has a greater following than me online to consider using them for promotion. 

That said--I will look at people's work if they send it to me, and if I think that you do quality work and have good experience and take it seriously I could definitely end up sending stuff your way! If you do decide to contact me, I suggest putting "Fashion Blogger" or "Promoter" in the subject line and including links to your past work, photographs you have taken of yourself to promote products, links to all your social media accounts, and follower counts as well so I can really get a good look at your stuff and make a well-informed decision! 

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