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Made to Order

neon flame tights

Size: XS

The Concept

these tights are another piece in the SOPHOMORIC collection, and feature a hot rod flame motif in hot pink, pastel pink, and bright blue. they're inspired by the huge trend of 90s flame tights present in harajuku fashion in the past 5 years, but with a colorful Trash Queen twist to really make them stand out. these tights are perfect for all sorts of eye catching outfits, or if you just want to feel like you can run really, really fast. 


the aquatic grid tights are made out of a heavier polyester spandex mix with a sublimated print, similar to leggings, in order to keep them opaque and durable--and they are awesome. the fabric is breathable, allowing for easy transition between seasons. and they are sturdy--resistant to pilling and tearing for long-lasting wear. chub-rub proof, run-free, and vibrant as hell. 

these tights feature an elastic waistband to prevent them from rolling down, and fit high-waisted, looking best when worn at the natural waist.



super soft sturdy stretchy made-to-order bodycon fit

Care Advice

Wash inside out, in cold water, on a delicate setting or by hand.

we recommend washing this turned inside out, in cold water, on a delicate setting, to preserve the color and fabric quality.


Hang to dry.

hanging your piece to dry will help it maintain its size and shape, and it will add years onto its durability.