In an industry that picks apart women for any sort of flaws, we want to celebrate them.

Trash Queen is not about the super model body, Trash Queen is about all bodies--all genders, all races, all sexualities, all shapes, and all sizes. Whether you're an XS or a 5XL, we want to give you the tools to express yourself. We wanna give you the confidence and attitude to face the world head on, both flawed and flawless simultaneously. Because here at Trash Queen, we know you're royalty, just as you are. And we want to crown you.

PAIGE - Designer & Owner

BTS of our last photoshoot

having fun in the sun
we're in the business of trying
to make you feel good in your own skin.
"Any time I have ever dressed to please a partner, an audience, a boss, anyone else really, I have felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. These days I dress to suit who I am. "
Stella - Trash Queen model
"Honestly I've never felt sexier than wearing that Demolition Derby Dress, dude."
Haley - Trash Queen model
"I want to see more normalization of plus size, which is one reason why I am SO IN LOVE with Trash Queen and the beautiful message they are putting out there. I want to see less mass consumerism and more realistic expectations for women's bodies. I want size large to actually be a size large and for that to be okay. More plus size models. More models of colour."
Summer - Trash Queen model

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