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Small business, small town, big ideas.

Size Inclusive & Affordable

We're extremely focused on making products that fit as many people as possible. We've both been through the dressing room blues that you feel when you've found something you love and it just doesn't quite work and are hoping to eliminate that for as many people as possible.

We are also extremely committed to keeping things as affordable as possible, keeping profit margins extremely reasonable and making sure that we're market competitive in order to keep the brand accessible.

Fat chick-owned

Trash Queen was started in 2014 and is ran by me, Paige, an artsy disabled fat chick with a lot to prove. Read more about me and what I do on our about page.

We're located in a small town in rural kentucky, where I work out of a studio in my home for all in-house product creation and fulfillment.

Slower, Small Batch Fashion

Waste is a major problem in the apparel industry with thousands of garments sitting in stock and filling up landfills, and other problems created by fast fashion and Amazon have lead customers to expect things immediately while causing human rights violations on pretty much every link of the supply chain.

Trash Queen actively works against that, producing items both externally and internally in small batches or entirely as made to order pieces to reduce waste and lengthening the time from production to customer to ensure that everyone in the production process is being treated fairly while still getting pieces to the customers as quickly as possible.


An Order is Made

An order is made by a cutie like yourself. This order gets sent to us through our website and we either go straight to step three if a product is in stock, or move onto the production stage if it's a made-to-order product.


Depending on the product, printed fabric might be sourced or a whole garment produced to the original specifications, either in house for more customized, specific pieces, or externally to help save time or pass savings along to the customers.

Quality Checking

When all pieces in an order are finished, the items are checked for quality, branding is added to the piece in the form of a logo or in the form of extras like stickers or postcards along with the purchase, and the purchase is wrapped up and shipped out to you!



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