Funky, plus size-friendly, slow fashion for everyone.

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Pronouns: she/they

Fave Food: sushi, steak, spam musubi 👀

Fave Drink:non alcoholic would be iced coffee, alcoholic would be a whiskey sour!

Fave Color: pastel pink, blood red

Fave Band: The Paper Chase

Fave Show:Sailor Moon!

Fave Movie:this is too hard, but the last thing i really loved seeing was Kairo (2001)

Measurements: 54"/48"/55" 


A little bit about Paige. 


What all do you work on for Trash Queen?

What Don't I work on for Trash Queen TBH....I do all the design work conceptualizing garments and collections, drawing our patterns/prints (even mundane patterns like our plaids!), design silhouettes for garments, sketch collections out, style pieces together so they feel cohesive, all the Fashion-y stuff, but also do all the design work for our website, our packaging, our social media posts, basically anything you look at from us. I (regretfully lmfao) make our tiktoks so if you see my pink mug on there I also sat there lipsyncing an audio for a few minutes to bring Those silly things to fruition...and I also work on a lot of our mundane office work type things, like help coordinate a bunch of behind the scenes stuff on shopify for the website so everything works properly, writing copy for product listings...honestly most things you can think of that you need in a business.

I also help with our day to day work most of the time, checking product quality, sewing, packing up orders, fulfilling, answering emails that are above Ali's sewing/fashion knowledge pay grade (which is her phrasing not mine lmao!) all that good stuff. There's not really anything I'm above doing myself since I did work on the shop alone for the majority of it's existence, we've just grown to where I would need to be an octopus with excellent multi-tasking skills to keep that sort of behavior up. Also sometimes you just need to sit there and mindlessly trim threads while watching reality tv for like, your mental health lmao. It can't be fast paced important business decision type stuff all the time or I'd explode.


Do you have a favorite collection and item from the shop?

My favorite collection is always the one I'm in the middle of making a reality, to be honest! I always will have pieces I really like wearing or things I'm proud of but anything I'm most excited about is stuff that is in progress or is still in the idea phase, the best part is bringing things into reality.


Where would you like to see Trash Queen in the future?

Ali's answer is gonna be cuter than mine here unfortunately. I love what we're doing in terms of to day job satisfaction but I'm always going to have ideas to make our business better. I really want to make an active difference in the lives and confidence of plus sized, disabled, and LGBTQ people especially in terms of our relationship with helped me through a really rough time being essentially in bed 24/7 due to illness. Sharing some of my online shopping finds with other people and being able to express myself online with outfits I wanted to wear was like a huge solace for me, and then once I was able to basically be back in the world again and seen by other people it was something that allowed me to express myself even when I didn't have the energy to like, start a conversation or interact, like it's a suit of armor and a conversation starter all at once and I just love that.

I feel like fashion has so many problems not only in terms of representation but in terms of accessibility for all sorts of groups of people...I don't think just seeing ourselves on the runway every once in a while is enough, I feel like being able to express yourself visually day to day is a super power that everyone should have access to when they want it. And even like, worst case scenario I just want people to have fun clothes that are actually comfortable.

Aside from all of that (which I feel like I talk about a lot everywhere so I apologize for being repetitive) I want to constantly be improving our size range (adding more plus sizes, adding tall and petite ranges, and eventually having custom sizing for all of our pieces to allow anyone and everyone to have things they feel awesome in) and making really cool shit for people that makes them happy and confident.