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apparel lucky bag

Important Details

each lucky bag contains 2+ mystery items from our shop, including our outerwear, tops, bottoms, skirts, tights, dresses, and accessories! the average value of these bags is around $55, but they can range anywhere from $45 - $75 so you know you're getting a great deal! they're also paired together with an overall color scheme or aesthetic/theme to help make them easier to coordinate. keep in mind that some of these items could be unreleased items, laundered items from returns, or pieces with small flaws such as minor misprints or the colors being not ideal. however if an item in your bag has a flaw, it's more likely that the overall value of your bag will be higher! 

these bags are also all ready to ship, meaning they should go out within just a few days of you placing the order! the only exception to that is if you check out with an order that contains both a lucky bag and a regular product of ours--if you pay for shipping once, we'll be shipping the entire order together. so if you want your lucky bag to ship immediately but also have other items you'd like to get that you're willing to wait on, i'd recommend making two separate orders instead!

all you do is select your size below to help ensure that you're getting pieces that fit. we also have limited stock in specific sizes. if we've ran out of stock in your size, please check out our accessories lucky packs, which fit everyone and anyone!

if you do have some preferences about what you would not like to receive in your lucky bag, please write your preferences in the notes section on your order before purchasing. we will do our best to accommodate any preferences (especially those relating to gender expression) and get you a bag with items you can wear and love! if all we happen to have left is something that is a big no for you, we'll contact you to let you know, and cancel and refund your order before shipping. 

because of the items in this sale being steeply discounted, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges for these lucky bags, so please keep that in mind before ordering! if you have any concerns about sizing or any questions in general, feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help you out! 

The Concept

we were inspired by how stores in japan around new year's have lucky bag sales, called fukubukuro! in order to clear out old inventory and prepare for the new year, they load up bags with heavily discounted mystery goods from the shop in question and sell them all together for a flat rate. we thought it'd be an awesome way for us to clear out inventory to prepare for our new collection! 

some of these garments are items that we have around the studio because they are returns, items with small defects (generally tiny printing errors, like a small spot of white where color should have been printed), or sample items worn for photoshoots or for fit tests, and others are brand new! 


Care Advice


please check the product page of individual items that you have received in your lucky bag to find care advice and other product details.


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