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Old Holiday & COVID-19 Updates & FAQ

Due to COVID-19, we are working through various interruptions and delays to our business. We are still taking orders, making orders, and shipping orders, but we have suppliers that are going through the same issues who might have reduced work forces, extended production times, and all of the shipping methods available to us here in the US are experiencing various delays. Please check out the questions below and follow us on social media (especially our twitter) for more information and updates. If your question isn't answered here or you have a specific question about your order, feel free to shoot me an email through our contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


If I want an item guaranteed by Christmas, when should I order?

We would recommend ordering no later than November 6th.I realize this sounds insanely early (in past years we have never advised ordering this early) but because of the postal service cautioning about delays (that means delays both in us getting supplies to make your product AND delays upon us shipping your product) and our production times,.I would caution against making a Christmas gift order after that date UNLESS you are comfortable with the idea of it arriving late.

My other recommendation (which is my usual recommendation if you need your order by a specific date) is to contact us and talk through what you need before making your order--we sometimes carry items in stock or have items in stock due to cancellations or returns, so there is always a chance we might have your exact item and can ship under shorter notice, there is just no guarantee. There are also times where we can rush an item, it's just a case by case basis and may incur extra costs, depending on the situation. If you want to be absolutely sure, please get in touch with us first!!!

We also have physical gift cards and digital gift cards that we offer if you want to give under shorter notice. The digital gift cards are shipped instantly, and the physical gift cards ship free either the same or next day that the orders for them are placed, if you have your heart set on wrapping a little memento! No cut off date applies to the gift cards, but make sure to follow the USPS's guidelines on holiday cut offs for first class shipping, since this is how these are usually sent out.

Are you still accepting orders?

100%! Though we are delayed in some respects, we're still fully open for business!

Are you still shipping orders?

Yes, to everywhere that is still accepting packages! I know that we've still been shipping all US and international orders during this time (we usually ship batches once a week on the weekend) and haven't seen anyone having trouble receiving anything from us, though some tracking and delivery times have been delayed.

How will I know if my order is delayed? 

Right now, we often don't know if an order is going to be delayed until it already has been--we're having the same issues customers are with our tracking numbers for supply shipments being unreliable/out of date, and that means that sometimes our shipping estimates can be unsure. Most of our latest orders still look to be on schedule or only slightly behind schedule based on our normal production times (4-8 weeks). If your order is later than that, please reach out to us via email or our chat service and we can get you more information!

Do you all have a customer service team?

For anyone who is unaware, this is a single person run business (with occasional help from my girlfriend, Alison) so all updates and communication right now are being done by the two of us--typically emails about new orders, sizing, custom orders, returns, and general inquiries are going to be answered by myself, whereas emails about order status and fulfillment will be answered by her as she has been helping with fulfillment so I can focus more on production. We're super dedicated about giving people updates and answering all communication we receive from you all, but if you've been unable to reach us through social media I'd really encourage you to send us an email or put a message in our chat service -- there isn't a bot who answers you, you'll be speaking directly to one of us as long as it's during our normal hours and barring any extenuating circumstances. If you contact during off hours or when no one is available, the system will ask for your email to send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. If you don't feel like leaving an email, you can also come back to the site later to check for a response, but leaving an email is the most reliable way to make sure you see our response.

Are you all still handling returns/exchanges? 

Absolutely, though with more care than normal, and this might cause some delay in reviewing your returned merchandise before giving you the go ahead for a return or exchange. Out of an abundance of caution, we're waiting at least 4+ days before handling a return based on the CDC guidelines for how long COVID-19 can be active on plastic and cardboard surfaces. I'm a disabled creator who is immunocompromised and have been sheltering in place since mid-March to protect myself. If you have any reason to believe you are sick, please let us know before returning your package so we can properly sterilize the returns before handling them.

Because we've been quarantining pretty intensely and going above and beyond on most CDC guidelines to keep myself and our family safe, I know our household is safe and virus free, so you can be reassured while receiving anything from us.

How can I stay updated as the COVID-19 situation changes?

Any major updates will be announced on all our main social media accounts (instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter) but twitter is really the best place to go for the most current news since it's the quickest for us to update.